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Aakash Soni is an Operational Head at Auxano Global Services, a leading web & mobile app development company. He is having 8+ years of experience in offering excellent IT services to worldwide clients.

How to Convert Native Apps To React Native Apps? [2021]

let’s dive into the things that you must consider for converting a Native app into a React Native app.

The development of apps using React Native is quick, budget-friendly, and time-saving. Ever since Facebook came up with React Native, the app developers sensed revolution in the app-building niche. The ease of developing mobile applications that are multi-platforms friendly yet encompasses the look and feel of Native apps, using just a single framework won the… Read more »

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime: Which Is The Best Video Streaming Services?

Online Video Streaming is a growing trend among millennials. The digital era depends on several video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube and Apple TV Plus to watch movies and television series. These platforms can be accessed online through their official website or mobile application. If you are looking for the best streaming platforms… Read more »

Golang App Development Company Canada | Hire Golang App Developers

Golang App Development

During the release of Golang, no one could predict that the programming language will take over many crucial industries, specifically the next-gen mobile application sector. Golang’s unique features like the robust libraries make it compatible with designing applications that closely work with cutting-edge fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Moreover, Golang is an… Read more »

Which is better? Google Home vs Amazon Alexa

When it comes to choosing between the two leading voice assistants, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, high chances are there that you’ll find it difficult to conclude. Both the tech giants’ products are equally equipped, and the features are continuously upgrading. Still, there are some narrow verticals where one among the products falls short. Being… Read more »

Top Golang Web Frameworks in 2021

GoLang Web Frameworks

The language is preferred by several mobile app developers worldwide. It is utilized for web development services and APIs for creating stunning mobile applications. Since 2010, the language is widely recognized as the best asset for the mobile app development industry. Professional developers largely depend on Google’s Golang web framework for getting their tasks done…. Read more »

Google Releases Flutter 1.20 Stable with Performance Improvements

Flutter Latest Version 1.20

Flutter latest version 1.20 is launched with so many updates compared to the last ones. Likewise, every update, this one also makes Flutter an even more robust, fast and productive UI toolkit for cross-platform app development. With the stable Flutter version released by Google, it’s become a talking point among app developers. Being a leading… Read more »

Android 11 and Android Studio 4.0 [New Update & Features]

Android 11 and Android Studio 4.0

Google launched the latest Android 11 prototype for developer check. The new operating system comes with better features and faster performance when compared to the previous versions. It was released on 19 February 2020, building excitement for the users globally. Let’s have a look at the features that the new OS will bring. Every brand… Read more »

How Your Business Will Benefit from on-demand apps During Covid-19.

On-demand Apps

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone like a bolt out of blue. The virus has clutched 25.3 million people and is spreading by leaps and bounds. Undoubtedly, governments of every infected country and their health care systems are pushing hard to curb the virus. But the uncertainty about how long the virus is going… Read more »

Which one best? Mobile Website vs. Mobile App

Mobile Website vs. Mobile App

It is interesting to know that companies are on the way to become digital in this digital world. And, it is a good move as moving along the time matters a lot. Otherwise, the time will leave you behind. One should hire a complete software development company that can provide mobile app development services as… Read more »