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Medical Software Development Strategies and Benefits.

Medical Software Development

The medical industry strives to offer quality services and save every life possible. But, the healthcare departments face technical limitations that hinder their work process. These challenges are found in terms of managing operations, increasing work productivity, utilizing resources efficiently and reducing expenses. For such limitations, Auxano Global Services has end-to-end solutions for developing customized… Read more »

Which is better? Google Home vs Amazon Alexa

When it comes to choosing between the two leading voice assistants, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, high chances are there that you’ll find it difficult to conclude. Both the tech giants’ products are equally equipped, and the features are continuously upgrading. Still, there are some narrow verticals where one among the products falls short. Being… Read more »

How Your Business Will Benefit from on-demand apps During Covid-19.

On-demand Apps

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone like a bolt out of blue. The virus has clutched 25.3 million people and is spreading by leaps and bounds. Undoubtedly, governments of every infected country and their health care systems are pushing hard to curb the virus. But the uncertainty about how long the virus is going… Read more »

Top Android App Development Company | Best Android App Developers

android app development

The technological advances call for innovation and creativity on the digital platforms. The usage of smartphones has increased drastically. Several brands create their customized mobile applications to target their audience and build engagement. If you are looking for a way to advertise your brand in the 21st Century, you should hire android app developers for… Read more »

B2B App Development Services | Hire B2B App Developers

B2B App Development

Multi-tasking is the new trend for millennials. Business owners have to take care of everything, including sales, finance, leads, new clients, pitch, campaigns, and other activities. But following the trend is becoming a little difficult every day. Since the technology is advancing at a pace, you need to let technology do the multi-tasking. Focus on… Read more »

Angular vs React Which One is Better for App & Why?

Angular vs React

Angular vs React, when it comes to front-end development, React vs Angular both are equally competent and certainly ahead of others. While React JS is developed by Facebook, its strong competitor AngularJS is developed by Google. The top companies like the New York Times and Pinterest have opted to React, Paypal and Upwork have resorted… Read more »