Month: August 2020

How to Develop a Custom B2B Mobile Application [2020]

Custom B2B Mobile Application

Mobile technology has simplified the work for users as well as businesses. The advent of numerous mobile apps has drastically changed the lives of individuals. Whether you are having an android phone or IOS, you can get apps for each one of them for different purposes. Likewise, customized B2B applications are also in vogue among… Read more »

Enterprise Mobility Solutions & Services for Business | Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Solutions & Services

The 21st Century is driven by technological advances. It is an era where people heavily use Smart-phones for several purposes. This has resulted in the evolution of a culture of Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Innovative solutions help improve employee’s overall productivity and performance. In recent years, Enterprise Mobility Solutions have extracted almost 240 additional hours of… Read more »

[Top 5] On Page SEO Techniques to Rank Higher on Google

On-Page SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization is the most important term linked to online content. If you are willing to rank higher than your competitors, then you must know the tactics of the search engine algorithms. Undoubtedly, making your content more discoverable on Google is no piece of cake. Google has an intricate search engine algorithm that focuses… Read more »

B2B App Development Services | Hire B2B App Developers

B2B App Development

Multi-tasking is the new trend for millennials. Business owners have to take care of everything, including sales, finance, leads, new clients, pitch, campaigns, and other activities. But following the trend is becoming a little difficult every day. Since the technology is advancing at a pace, you need to let technology do the multi-tasking. Focus on… Read more »

Angular vs React Which One is Better for App & Why?

Angular vs React

Angular vs React, when it comes to front-end development, React vs Angular both are equally competent and certainly ahead of others. While React JS is developed by Facebook, its strong competitor AngularJS is developed by Google. The top companies like the New York Times and Pinterest have opted to React, Paypal and Upwork have resorted… Read more »

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Canada

Mobile App Development companies

Mobile applications play an essential role in establishing a brand’s identity. A unique and innovative mobile app helps your business stand out from the competitors.  It will let you build a relationship of trust with your audience, further creating customer loyalty. Besides, a brilliant mobile app will keep users engaged through its content. Your valuable… Read more »

How to Hire the Right Mobile Development Company in Canada

Hire Mobile Development Company

The technological advancements have pushed businesses to step up their game to a new level. The use of smartphones has increased substantially. People depend on phones for various purposes including shopping, ordering food, booking appointments, buying medicines, meeting a therapist, organising work meetings and much more. If you want to remain the leader in your… Read more »

Top Web Development Company For Hire in Canada | Hire Web Developers

Hire Web Development Company

The small enterprises and large businesses have taken a turn to online business through their websites. As a result, the internet is flooded with a whopping number of websites. Your website would be one of them unless you choose your web development services appropriately. A great website not only has an interactive design and user-friendly… Read more »

Top 5 Purpose To Hire a Software Development Company Canada.

Software Development Company

The modern business solutions require a team of top software developers to implement the plan and create exquisite business software. In the digital era, building unique software and mobile applications will create a firm foundation for the enterprise’s growth and expansion in the long run. Your valuable brand needs a top software development company in… Read more »