Multi-tasking is the new trend for millennials. Business owners have to take care of everything, including sales, finance, leads, new clients, pitch, campaigns, and other activities. But following the trend is becoming a little difficult every day. Since the technology is advancing at a pace, you need to let technology do the multi-tasking. Focus on other tasks that need your guidance and let B2B mobile applications do the multi-tasking. You can hire mobile app developers to help you get started with the process.

There are several software development companies in Canada. Your brand needs a reliable team of developers who have hands-on experience with developing B2B mobile applications. We have curated a list of the top B2B Mobile app development companies in Canada. The list starts from the best companies, proceeding to the ones that may work for your requirements.

Auxano Global Services is our favorite B2B mobile app development company in Canada. They have the right tools, technology, and expertise to create magic. We believe every brand deserves the best team and we strongly believe in AGS. Clients in several parts of Canada availed services from Auxano Global Services and were highly satisfied. The company follows a robust working procedure which inspires and motivates the core team to deliver unique and innovative products. You can contact their customer team for further help.

Top 10 B2B Mobile App Development Companies in Canada

Top 10 B2B Mobile App Development Companies in Canada


Benefits of Customized B2B Mobile App Solutions

B2B App Development

Flexible Connectivity:

Today’s technology is pretty much everything on the go. Even while traveling, people try to make the most out of the commute time. With innovative B2B mobile applications, people have a flexible option to do their work while on the go. They can interact with clients, generate leads, and collaborate with others.

Increased Efficiency:

Running a business efficiently requires a few tasks to be fulfilled. This includes hiring new employees, boosting income, creating strategies, building new departments, bringing in clients, and developing employees’ skills. You can manage all these activities by using a B2B web-based or mobile application. It allows admin and sub-admins to conveniently manage all the business activities.

Enhanced Communication:

To build a successful business empire, you have to communicate everything accurately. Auxano Global Services B2B strategies and web-based/mobile solutions focus on enhancing communication. You can share emails, important documents, files or chat with your employees/team every day and keep a track easily. If you have a specific requirement for your brand’s communication strategy, top B2B mobile app development companies in Canada will help you do that.

Manage Everything:

Your business will run smoothly only when you have a fixed system to manage all the activities effectively. Things including tracking employees’ in/out time, task assignment, deadlines, leaves, and salary can be managed easily with a custom B2B mobile application. You can hire mobile developers to create a B2B application, which meets your business requirements.

Result-Driven B2B Solutions for all Industries

B2B App Development

Wondering if you can get a customized B2B solution for your industry. We can help you resolve the confusion. Here is a list of the industries covered under reliable B2B mobile app development services in Toronto.


If you have an e-commerce website, you can create a custom B2B mobile/web application. The application will let you manage inventory, new stock, orders, remaining stock, loyal customers, offer zone, rates of products, and much more.

Real Estate:

For the Real Estate sector, effective B2B solutions will allow businesses to target international clients, generate leads, build a local presence, manage agencies, different properties, and customer experiences.


An innovative B2B mobile application is necessary for every brand in the automobile sector. It lets you manage exchanges between your company and the competitors, collects and stores data, puts everything into a customer’s perspective, and such.

Manufacture and Retail:

If you hire mobile developers to create a B2B application for your brand, it will prove to be beneficial in the long run. The app will allow you to manage the exchange of supplies, stocks, raw materials, finance, expenses, and equipment.

Food and Drink:

If you have a brand that focuses mainly on food and drinks, a customized B2B application will help you manage your strategies, different categories, product varieties, new variations, and customer preferences.

Banking and Finance:

For the financial sector, a uniqueB2B mobile/web solution will help you manage finance, expenses, budget, loyalty programs, creative strategies for financial management, and much more.

B2B Work Process

Auxano Global Services is a leading B2B mobile app development company in Canada. The core team follows a robust working process to achieve promising results. The first step is to analyze the requirements of your B2b proposal. This involves brainstorming unique ideas/solutions. The next step is to create a rough structure or wireframe. This is the plan followed for creating the app. All the necessary tools and technologies are decided here.

Then, the team starts designing and developing the app. The development stage takes time. A prototype is created which undergoes trial and testing. Once all the bugs and errors have been removed, the app is sent for the client’s approval.

Why Hire B2B Mobile App Development Company As AGS?

Experienced and professional developers

Efficient and clean coding without any backdoors

Transparency process

Flexibility while choosing a plan/customized plan

Vigilant working process

24×7 Customer Support

Latest tools and Technology

App maintenance regularly

Proper documentation of the project


You need a reliable B2B mobile app development company in Canada. We recommend Auxano Global Services as one of the top B2B mobile app developers. Your brand needs a customized solution that matches your brand’s daily operations and goals. To build your business empire, you need a reliable, responsible, experienced, and dedicated team. There are several app developers, but we have listed the best ones for your convenience. Contact the customer team and start with your project immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Do you provide technical solutions for E-commerce industry?

    Yes, as a reputed B2B mobile app development company in Canada, we provide technical solutions for every industry including E-commerce. Our result-driven solutions are perfect for the on-demand industry, E-commerce, Automobile, Real Estate, Finance, Healthcare, and so on.

  • 2. How much does it cost to build an app in Canada?

    The custom mobile app development cost depends on various factors such as features integration, technology, tools, developers, platform, and so on. Therefore, calculating the exact mobile app development cost is quite tough. Roughly, it costs around $40k to $60k for basic mobile apps.

  • 3. Do you provide iOS app development services?

    Top mobile app development companies in Canada such as Auxano Global Services offer cross-platform app development services. Our cost-effective solutions allow you to develop applications in all renowned platforms using advanced app development technologies.

  • 4. Which is the best B2B mobile app development company in Canada?

    Auxano Global Services is the leading mobile app development company in Canada. Our dedicated developers work against the clock to meet the expectations. We work with the latest technology and advanced tools to create futuristic products. Contact Us now to decode your idea into a masterpiece reality.

  • 5. Do you provide maintenance and support after mobile app development?

    Auxano Global Services provide round the clock technical and customer support. We support our customers from the beginning of the development process until long after the delivery of the mobile app.

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about mobile app development?

    To know more about our mobile app development services and to hire dedicated mobile app developers, contact us at or can call us at +1.437886 3395

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