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  • We collaborated with Auxano Global Services for our revolutionary idea, which was very complicated & unique. They delivered us a clickable & designed prototype. We are delighted and happy with their hard work and management.

    Dwayne Right and Maureen Tully CEO of Wright Touch
  • I picked Auxano Global Services to create an eCommerce marketplace app. AGS completed our project efficiently & within deadline. I want to thank the entire team involved in the project. I would surely like to work with their team in the future.

    Khaled Huwaishel CEO of Shopzz
  • We are a game agency, & we went to Auxano Global Services regarding a game that was different than other trivia games. This project was quite complex, but they collaborated efficiently & brought value for us.

    Jason Clark CEO of Challvia

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Why Hire Mobile App Developers

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Businesses hire mobile app developers from Value Coders because we adopt the latest tools and advanced technologies to serve robust yet scalable solutions. Our experts carefully study every facet of the new technology before practicing it.

Hiring Models

Choose From A Variety of Hiring Models

  • Dedicated Team

  • Large & Fast Paced Projects
  • No hidden costs
  • Guaranteed 160 monthly hours
  • Pay only for measurable work

Team Screening & Selection

  • Our mobile app developer skills & your requisites are matched.
  • You interview the developers and hire them as per your project needs.
  • You choose the desired engagement model & sign NDAs.

Development & Reporting

  • You interact with team and plan for milestones.
  • Get daily status updates as per sprint.
  • Skype, email and calls are our communication tools.

Delivery & Team Extension

  • We follow agile methodologies & deliver sprintwise.
  • Our development team produces First-Time-Right codes.
  • Team size can be scaled up or down if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile App Development Company

  • 1. Can mobile apps be developed for any business?

    Yes, any business can have a mobile application. There is no restriction on the type of business that should have mobile applications. Mobile apps allow businesses to reach their audience in a more engaging way, which can be useful for any business that wants to grow.

  • 2. Does the mobile app help businesses thrive?

    Yes, mobile apps help businesses reach their potential audience at their ease in their mobile applications. Mobile apps allow your user to engage more with your brand, help you to communicate with your audience, and increase the level of accessibility for your consumers. Mobile apps are the most valuable tools for today’s competitive era. You can create various strategies to make your app work, such as by offering great deals to your users.

  • 3. How hiring a mobile app development company can save your additional mobile app development cost?

    When you hire an experienced mobile app development company, then you get to decide your milestones for the project, and you get the right to take the update as per your preference. With an experienced company, you get expertise and market insights too for your idea, and the developers have the experience of different domains and technologies to help your idea come alive as you desire. An experienced firm delivers projects on-time without charging additional cost and helps you in cutting costs by providing you feasible solutions.

  • 4. What are the trending technologies used for mobile app development?

    Technologies are evolving with time, and they play a significant role in mobile app development. The top mobile app trends of 2021 are :

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Mobile apps are not just about the language; nowadays, people look for more than just a solution. They look for smart solutions in which AI & ML helps you. Mobile apps that incorporate these technologies are used by people more than the normal ones because these technologies offer ease, such as AI makes the search more convenient and helps you to find the products you might like. AI and ML both have various usage when it comes to mobile app development. Leverage the most trending technology to help you boost your business’s ROI with the help of an experienced mobile app development company which focuses on trending technologies.

    iBeacon Technology – The BLE based iBeacon technology is the new trend in the market for location-based sales and marketing. Restaurants, museums, cafes, hotels are using this technology for rendering a better experience to the users. Many sectors can now take advantage of this technology. For instance, the retail industry can take leverage if merged with IoT.

    Blockchain – Blockchain has become very popular and useful for mobile app development. Blockchain technology has various benefits for businesses. Most of us know this technology because of its financial security offering, but it is much more than that and plays a significant role in mobile app development. We infuse blockchain tech in the applications we develop for the client to render exquisite experience. If you want your users to have a secure and better experience with your app, then go for an experienced mobile app development company for embedding blockchain.

    Internet of Things (IoT) – Internet of Things, this technology holds enormous potential to change the dynamics of the market. IoT allows machines to interact, and there are many aspects in which IoT is used. Businesses can take advantage of such technologies by fostering solutions that help their users. If you want your users to have the taste of trending technology, Contact an experienced mobile app development company now.

    Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality – Do not lag, be a part of these disruptive technology revolutions by engaging with our top-notch AR and VR App development services. We help you bring your augmented and virtual app idea to life by fusing the latest app development frameworks. As a leading mobile app development company, we develop interactive and intuitive Virtual and Augmented reality experiences for web and mobile platforms.

  • 5. What do I need for mobile app development?

    You just need an experienced mobile app development company by your side. Have your app idea ready to put your requirements in front of the company and let them work on accomplishing your dreams. If you are looking for a reliable ‘mobile app development company near me,’ then reach our experts at Auxano Global Services for your next project.

  • 6. What does app development cost in 2021?

    Mobile app development cost varies on the genre you choose and even on the type of mobile app you desire.

    1. Lifestyle Mobile App Development – Lifestyle app incorporates apps like shopping, virtual fitting room, and more apps that are related to personal lifestyle. For instance, Pinterest, Tinder, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc. These types of apps contain various functionalities and features.

    2. Social Media App Development – Social Media Apps are amongst the most popular kinds of apps. We all use them on a daily basis to connect with our friends and family, such as Facebook, Whatsapp Messenger, Instagram, etc. Social Media apps have to be fun, fast, and they also support the expanding features of social networks.

    3. Utility Mobile App Development – These kinds of software are used daily, and they play a very important part of our lives. Examples of utility apps are Calculator, Notepad, Weather, Flashlight, etc. These kinds of apps users use daily a few times.

    4. Game App Development – Many types of the app comes under this category, such as 2D games, 3D games, simulation games, and all of them contain different functionalities. Such as arcade games like Fortnite and PUBG, they require various levels and complex functionalities, so the cost factor depends on that.

    5. Entertainment App Development – Entertainment plays a critical role in users’ lives, and the demand for uniqueness is still prevailing in the industry. The examples of these apps are YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, TikTok, etc. These apps have enormous popularity among the users because of the apps’ functionalities.

    6. On-Demand App Development – The popularity of on-demand apps have reached to the sky because of their offerings. These apps offer services as per the demand of users such as food ordering app, taxi booking app, services provider app, which gives user access and ease of getting the services wherever they are. These apps contain various functionalities, and sometimes, a single concept can have multiple apps. Examples of such apps are Uber, Zomato, PostMates, etc. The cost factor depends upon the complexity of the app.

    7. Productivity Mobile App Development – You may not hear of this category often, but you undoubtedly have used the apps that fall in this category. These kinds of apps let the user be productive. Applications such as Docs, Calendar, Finance apps, translators, Evernote, etc.

    8. Clone App Development – A few apps leave an impeccable impression on users but lack a few features that could make it more useful. In this case, if you would like to have an app like the one that exists with new features or uniqueness, then you could go for Clone app development.

    9. News/Information Mobile App Development – Nowadays, people prefer on the go news apps and information provider apps to save their time. These apps are undoubtedly useful for everyone daily. Examples of different types of popular news apps are Buzzfeed, Google News & Weather, SmartNews, etc.

    So the cost of mobile app development depends upon the complexity of the app, and it can go from $10k to $1,50k depending upon the type of app that you require. To get the best out of your money, contact experience mobile app development company to shape your idea.

  • 7. What will be the future of mobile app development?

    The mobile app development industry will be going to rule the world with innovations and technological solutions. For mobile app development companies, it’s time to hold on the grip and embrace new technologies to help the business. So if you have a company or you are planning to develop an app, be sure to discuss the future of mobile app technology.

    Besides, in mobile app development trends, we can state that cross-platform app development will become more popular, instant apps will also be on the boom, Flutter will stay in the market, React Native and Kotlin will also remain in the market for mobile app development.

    Few technologies we can say that will still be with us in the future, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, IoT, Virtual Reality, iBeacon Technology, etc. These technologies have potential that is yet to be explored.

    Ultimately the future holds the fusion of technology and the demand of the market. We can say that the future is not far off. We are already witnessing a glimpse of the future. Brace yourself and be prepared for the significant change in the app development industry.


  • 8. Where to find affordable mobile app development services?

    For affordable mobile app development services approach Auxano Global Services, a leading mobile app development company in Canada that provides comprehensive mobile app development services. The company is known for its innovative solutions and cost-effective services.

  • 9. Where to hire mobile app developers to get quality and user-friendly mobile apps?

    If you are looking for mobile app developers for your project requirements, then hire mobile app developers in Canada from Auxano Global Services. The company enables you to choose your preferred hiring model, and you will select the developers through your preferred process.

  • 10. Which languages are used in mobile app development?

    If we look from the development perspective, developers can choose to create one of three types of mobile apps, each type of app can be created using various languages or frameworks.

    Native Mobile App Development – Native mobile apps are the apps that are developed in the natively supported language by the device OS. When it comes to performance, native apps surpass the expectations because the platform APIs are available 100% to the app code.

    There are two major platforms for mobile apps. Let’s explore:

    Android Mobile App Development – Android is one of the major mobile OS and is very popular because of its features and cost-effectiveness. So if you want to globally for your app development, then go for Android and hire android app developers to perform this task for you.

    Our preferred Android app development languages are:

    Java App Development

    Kotlin App Development

    IOS Mobile App Development – The other popular platform for mobile app development is iOS, which is an OS runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other hardware of Apple. If you want to hire iOS app developers, then go for the experienced mobile app development company.

    Our preferred iOS app development languages

    Swift App Development

    Objective-C App Development

    Cross-Platform Mobile App Development – Cross-platform mobile apps are developed using language that allows it to run on all the platforms. The language that is used in cross-platform development may not be the native language. Hire cross-platform app developers to shape your idea with a cost-effective and contemporary solution.

    Our preferred cross-platform app development languages:

    Flutter App Development

    Xamarin App Development

    React Native App Development

    Ionic App Development

    Mobile Web App Development – Mobile web apps are lightweight web apps that are designed to give you a look and feel of a regular mobile app. Hire mobile web app developers for your next project and render a hassle-free experience to your users. These kinds of apps are developed by using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

    Developers can use two kinds of website programming paradigms for mobile apps:

    Responsive Web Programming

    Progressive Web Programming

  • 11. Which mobile platform is better Android or iOS for app development?

    Both Android and iOS platforms are very popular when it comes to mobile app development. For us, as a mobile app development company, both platforms play a vital role in the market, so if you are planning to develop an app, you should target both platforms for your business. It depends on various factors if you want to choose one of these platforms, such as demographic differences, app revenue, development complexity, etc.

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