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Auxano Global Services Travel App Development

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  • Ticket and Hotel Booking Application
  • On-Demand Vehicle Booking Application
  • Vehicle Renting Applications
  • Virtual Tour Application Development

Do you want your travel planning app? We know the travel industry has enormous potential that you can leverage for your business. We can plan your app in a way that your user will get the advantage of planning their trips on your app.

From sending reminders for flights to suggest the best places, we can help you get an app that will help your users in every possible way.

Auxano Global Services is the travel app development company that can help you get your next travel app that can help your business thrive.

Hotel booking applications like Airbnb have got great popularity, and you can also take that advantage with our help. We can help you develop your next ticket booking app or hotel booking solution equipped with the best features using robust technologies.

We have experienced professionals who have made travel applications for large audiences. Our team of travel app developers excel in developing a robust platform for easy hotel booking and ticket booking solutions.

Give us a call for more details and discuss it with the industry’s best professionals.

With the introduction of Uber, travelling has become easy. You can also offer a solution for on-demand vehicles to your users with the help of our technology expertise.

Our team of on-demand app developers have immense experience to design and develop apps for your travel agency which will enable you to offer on-demand vehicle solution to your users, no matter where they are.

Let’s discuss your project requirements and get started with the project.

Travellers require vehicled when they travel locally and here you can help them by vehicle renting application. At Auxano, our app developers excel in developing applications that surpass user expectations.

We provide web and mobile travel solutions that are irreplaceable. Travellers use applications to take vehicles on rent, and you can provide them with an unforgettable experience through your app. We help you smoothly enter the digital travel industry.

Our developers can help you in getting your desired application.

Technology can make everything possible, yes, and you can help your users travel anywhere they want and whenever they want by offering a virtual tour application.

We enable your travellers to explore the destinations they want, and even they can view the hotel property through your app from the comfort of their home. We can make this Inventrue with the help of innovative Virtual Reality functionality.

Reach us now for your VR virtual tour application development.

Development Methodology

The travel market is huge and diverse. Travel business owners can explore the market, and we can help you study the competition to come up with new ideas so you can stay ahead of the game.


Our creativity and inventiveness is the only limit for us. We help you get the most unique and feasible solution for your business.

Experience that Counts

Our expertise allows us to formulate a solution that can survive in the market and can solve the challenge of the travel industry.

Always Updated

We always keep you in the loop with us. From brainstorming to wireframing, & then to design & launch. We are with you at every step.

Flexible Hiring Models

With Auxano, you get the leverage of hiring resources as per your need. Hire app developers for full-time, part-time or on an hourly basis now.

Providing Excellence

Our commitment is to provide you with excellence at every stage of app development, and we do it by hook or crook. We unlock value through our expertise.

Robust Team

At Auxano, we believe good technical skills can help us nurture our relationship with our clients. Our app developers help in solving challenges by going beyond the limits.

Client's Testimonials

  • We collaborated with Auxano Global Services for our revolutionary idea, which was very complicated & unique. They delivered us a clickable & designed prototype. We are delighted and happy with their hard work and management.

    Dwayne Right and Maureen Tully CEO of Wright Touch
  • I picked Auxano Global Services to create an eCommerce marketplace app. AGS completed our project efficiently & within deadline. I want to thank the entire team involved in the project. I would surely like to work with their team in the future.

    Khaled Huwaishel CEO of Shopzz
  • We are a game agency, & we went to Auxano Global Services regarding a game that was different than other trivia games. This project was quite complex, but they collaborated efficiently & brought value for us.

    Jason Clark CEO of Challvia

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  • 1. What is a travel app?

    A travel app is a kind of mobile app specially developed for small devices such as mobile and tablet, used by travelers to book and plan travel.

  • 2. What are the key features of Travel App Development?

    The key features of travel app development include traveler guide, taxi booking system, location tracking, weather forecasting, currency converter, secure payment option, and many more.

  • 3. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Travel App in 2021?

    Travel app development cost in 2021 depends on various factors such as development time, number of app developers, technology, design cost, and others. For a rough estimate, it costs around $141,000-$194,000 to build a customized application.

  • 4. Why Choose Auxano Global Services for Your Travel App Development?

    Auxano Global Services is a top travel app development company Canada, We offer an agile approach, flexible hiring model, app maintenance, post-delivery support, cost-effective solutions, source-code authorization, and above all build robust travel app development.

  • 5. How Much Does it Cost to Hire Travel App Developers in 2021?

    Hiring a travel app developer can cost you around $25 to $100 per hour as per the requirement of your application. It also depends on the region you choose your developer from.

  • 6. Do you provide Custom Travel App Development Services?

    Yes, being a leading travel app development company Canada, We offer custom travel app development services. Our experienced travel app developers always follow the client’s requirements, that is why we create customized applications without any hassle.

  • 7. Which is the Best Travel App Development Company in 2021?

    Auxano Global Services is the best travel app development company in 2021 and our rich portfolio also recites the same story. We have expertise in creating winsome and feature-rich applications.

  • 8. How long does it take to make a Travel App?

    It takes around 4-6 months to complete travel app development. Our ready-made solutions can build faster app development as per your requirements.

  • 9. Do you provide maintenance and support after developing a Travel App?

    Yes, being a leading travel app development company, it’s our commitment to provide seamless maintenance and post-delivery support.

  • 10. Where can I go for more information?

    To know more about our mobile app development services and to hire mobile app developers, contact us at or can call us at +1.437-886-3395

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