The demand for healthcare services is increasing as the population grows, and the number of patients seeking treatment at hospitals, medical centers, holistic groups, and doctors’ offices has greatly increased, which presents new obstacles for the facility’s employees and administrators.

Doctor appointment booking applications are in high demand among medical professionals and patients as it has made the booking process in hospitals simpler for doctors, patients, and administrative staff. 

Top Online Doctor Appointment App Worldwide 2021:

Top Online Doctor Appointment App Worldwide 2021

Features of Doctor Appointment App

The doctor appointment app has two built-in apps: one for the patient (customer) and one for the doctor. The most important features to include in your doctor appointment app are:

For Patients:

Easy login

The app should enable users to log in from various options of that kind such as phone number, email, Google account as well as providing multiple registrations for a patient.

User Profile

Since health care is considered a personalized service, users must provide important details such as their name, age, sex, address, medical conditions, and other personal information to assist in the treatment process. Also granting permission for the doctor to access data.


Notification badges keep you informed of relevant news and updates. Push notifications are effective for automating routine interactions between patients and clinics, such as appointment reminders.

Booking an appointment

A doctor appointment app should provide easily accessible slots with all of the relevant details on doctors’ availability, as well as options for reservation time, days, dates, cancellation policies, and so on.

Doctor profiles

Allow patients to look for doctors based on their specialties, scores, experience, and place. Certifications, experience, competencies, and languages spoken should all be included in profiles. Such that they can easily access reviews and responses from their past and current patients.

Book and manage appointments

Patients should be able to use a timetable to book and manage an appointment with a doctor. It is also important to include a feature that can ensure that consumers can cancel and reschedule appointments.

Location tracking

This function allows patients to see a doctor’s exact location as well as their range.

Electronic medical reports

It allows patients to share and upload all health-related information that is essential for the treatment process in the future. The reports are safe and secure for delivering high-quality treatment to patients.

In-App Payment

An in-app payment system allows users to pay for services instantly and streamlines billing.

For Doctors:

Doctor’s profile

The doctor profile includes information such as the doctor’s name, specialty, photo, address, and available appointment times. Doctor’s niche, clinic place, photo gallery, and summary columns, as well as real-time analytics, are to be included.

Check on Appointment Status

Doctors should be able to create a section that requires regular updates. The app should include email, phone, or app reminders so as not to miss an appointment.

Accept Or Reject a Reservation

To improve booking, doctors should be able to have an instant report on scheduling requests and accept or reject them.

Edit Schedule

This function enables the doctor to adjust his daily schedule according to his preferences.

Admin Panel:

An admin panel should be included for managing doctor and patient profiles in an online doctor appointment app. It should also provide a notification feature for any changes made to anyone’s profile on the network.

Benefits of Doctor Appointment App

1. Queuing time is greatly decreased.

2. You’ll have immediate access to the best-rated medical experts.

3. Owing to the limitations on physical proximity enforced by the pandemic, internet access has become a critical component of medical practice management. 

4. 24/7 Support is available.

5. Many consulting services are available to you by video or text including audio messaging.

6. Save money and time.

Cost to develop Doctor Appointment App

The pricing is determined by many factors. The price includes the following items:

App platform:

IOS, Android, or cross-platform development.

Advanced Features:

Geographical position, Syncing of data, Bookings on the calendar, Camera within the app, Third-party API.

App complexity:

The price depends upon whether the UI and UX design are simple, medium, or high end.

External Features:

In-app calling and texting, Data protection, OTP Verification.

Development Team:

The team is essential for Mobile app development services such as Project Manager, Requirement analyst, Web developers, UI/UX Designer, Frontend/Backend Developer, Business Analyst, QA Engineer, IOS and Android app developers, etc.

Users are more likely to stick around if the interface is good and interactive. The total production cost of your app is also heavily influenced by its scale. The more features you add, the larger your app will become and the price will rise.


How To Hire Remote Developers In 2021

Every business has its specific requirements, priorities, and working features, so app developers must understand what they want at the end of the process. Top Mobile App Development Company may charge you approximately around $40,000 and $50,000 but if you include more advanced features like video accessibility and Artificial Intelligence, the cost could rise to $100,000 to $150,000. The price is determined by functionalities and technologies used according to your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Digital technologies provide healthcare customers with a new level of convenience when it comes to scheduling appointments online. In the healthcare sector, doctor appointment applications are gaining popularity because they make life simpler for patients and physicians, allowing them to receive and provide quality treatment.

The cost of an app can be determined based on the specific selection of features you desire. You aim to create a medical app that is effective, user-friendly, and appropriate. It is preferable to hire mobile app developers who can build an app from the ground up, with the intended requirements and according to all safety standards and regulations. Partnering with experts in software development services is important for meeting your needs and delivering the desired results.

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