Angular vs React, when it comes to front-end development, React vs Angular both are equally competent and certainly ahead of others. While React JS is developed by Facebook, its strong competitor AngularJS is developed by Google. The top companies like the New York Times and Pinterest have opted to React, Paypal and Upwork have resorted to Angular. This establishes the fact that both these top JS frameworks are efficient enough to give your business a new height.

Undoubtedly, there is a constant tussle among businesses to get an edge over others and a perfect front-end development can give you a lead. A top React-Native app development company proffers you with the best react javascript framework. However, you can reach out to the front-end development company Canada can provide you with Angular JS as well. Depending on your requirements, you can hire front-end developers in Toronto and get your work done by experts.

Here we are putting these two JS frameworks in direct juxtaposition and analyzing their good and bad aspects. We will delve into the general and technical aspects of React and Angular to guide you through choosing one of them.

Brief Introduction:

React JS is an open-source javascript library for building effective UI designs. Initially released in May 2013, the framework is primarily for single-page or mobile application development. A mobile app development company Canada largely prefers React JS for its reusability and ease of front-end development.

Angular is a Javascript open-source framework for simplifying front-end development. Since the release of its first version in October 2010, it is widely accepted by experienced front-end developers for single-page application development. Angular is a part of MEAN Stack and is used for client-side MVC and MVVM architectures.


React JS comes with the liberty of developing component trees and writing code.  The React structure is uncomplicated as well as easy to implement. They are logically structured with lesser abstractions.

Angular on the other hand is complex and layered. Although the reusability of code is a perk of Angular, third-party libraries and syntax can be challenging.


The React JS is backed by regular updates and a large supporting community. It sometimes becomes difficult to keep up with the ever-changing react front-end framework.

Unlike React, due to the over complications of AngularJS, it is often put at bay by the front-end developers. Although Google offers updates it is so frequent that keeping up with the documentations becomes hefty.


React JS comes with directives at the end of every component. This makes the code comprehensive for even the newbies. You can understand its meaning without having to know the syntax.

Angular is sophisticated and complicated at the same time. There are attributes along with directives but the syntax makes it difficult to understand. You can hire front-end developers in Toronto who know the intricate syntax of AngularJS otherwise it would be a challenge for you.

Ease of Update:

Updating Angular and React to their latest versions is not a hard nut to crack. However, the framework of React JS is dependent on external libraries. This means the front-end developers have to first scrutinize the compatibility of third-party tools. Therefore, updates in React JS becomes time-consuming and tedious.

Updating Angular JS is comparatively a lot easier than React JS. The ng_update command in the enhanced command-line interface of Angular makes updating quick.


The performance of both React JS and AngularJS is governed by DOM or Document Object Model. React JS uses a faster virtual DOM which gives it an edge over Angular. This assists the front-end developers to keep a track of the changes done without influencing any other part of the data tree.

AngularJS may fall behind a bit because of having real DOM. This means updates in any part of the data tree will affect it completely. However, the new versions of Angular have greatly covered up this inefficiency, it is still behind React JS. The only perk in the Angular performance is the smaller size of application as compared to React.

UI Components:

You can avail the community developed UI tools with React JS. But, material design with React would require an additional Material-UI Library.

On the other hand, Angular has an in-built material design library that is much simpler. There are also other design features such as buttons, layouts, pop-ups, and many more.


React JS and Angular JS are significantly important for developing the best application. Although both these frameworks work for the same motive that is mobile app development, they differ in their approaches. There are several differences such as architectural, language, data binding, and many more. The final decision of choosing React JS or AngularJS ultimately depends upon your application requirements. You can reach out to the best mobile app development Company in Canada and get started with front-end development with any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the difference between Angular and React?

    Angular is a complete app development framework, it uses two-directional data flow process to updates real DOM. On the contrary, React is a JavaScript Library uses one-directional data flow for updating virtual DOM.

  • 2. Which is more powerful Angular or React?

    Angular is easy to scalable because of its impressive UI and powerful CLI. The performance of both React JS and AngularJS is governed by DOM or Document Object Model. React JS uses a faster virtual DOM which gives it an edge over Angular.

  • 3. What companies are using Angular and React?

    Top brands that using Angular: Microsoft, Autodesk, MacDonald’s, UPS, Cisco Solution Partner Program, Apple, Adobe, GoPro, ProtonMail, Clarity Design System, Upwork, and Freelancer. Top brands that using React: Uber, Udemy, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter, Pinterest, and Airbnb.

  • 4. Which is the best app development company for Angular & React development?

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