The digital era is dependent on smartphones for almost every activity. Several business organizations are creating strategies to cater to the new evolving habits. Irrespective of your company size and scale, optimizing your website to Mobile SEO is crucial. If you’re wondering why Mobile optimization is important, we have your answers.

Let’s take a look at statistics. Over 40% of digital transactions take place through a mobile phone. To grow your business online, you need more users to open your website, engage with the content and take the necessary action. Investing in Mobile Search Engine Optimization is a smart move to build loyal customers for your brand. If you’re looking to grow your business, hire an SEO expert and work with a leading search engine optimization (SEO) company.

What is Mobile SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a way to increase your website position by ranking it higher than the competitive websites on the search engine result pages (SERPs) like Google or Bing. This will bring more traffic and visitors to the site, increasing your sales as well as revenue. The focus is to keep mobile leads on your page. If you’re trying to rank the first page of Google in 24 hours, availing mobile SEO services from the best mobile SEO company would be a perfect choice.

Having a responsive website provides customers with a seamless browsing experience. While companies often ignore building mobile-friendly sites, they lose a huge chunk of potential customers. Statistics show that around 52% of users would not engage on the website due to a disappointing mobile browsing experience. Follow the right mobile SEO techniques to avoid being in such a situation.

Important Terms Related To Mobile SEO

Important Terms Related To Mobile SEO

H1 Tags:

H1 tags are the headers used for the title of your content.  For example, The H1 of this article would be the title – “ What is Mobile SEO and Why is it important for your business?” Whenever someone makes a search with words such as SEO, Business, or Mobile SEO, your blog would rank higher in the results. Ensure to write your title with the H1 tag.

Keyword Density:

Keywords can be best described as specific search words that your audience frequently uses. These keywords should be present in your H1 tag as well as the body of the text. For example, mobile SEO tips and mobile SEO techniques would be the keywords for this specific blog.

Meta Description:

You provide a description for your content in the <meta> HTML tags. This description should include keywords that would target your ideal audience. Whenever you make a search, there are 2-3 lines written below the website URL which decides whether you’ll be opening the website or scrolling down, i.e. your Meta Description.


Permalink is a permanent link, i.e., a URL that’s unique for your website. Brownie points if you can include keywords in the permalink for ranking higher on Google.

Above-listed is a few things that you should check off your mobile SEO checklist. It would bring more visitors to your website and increase your reach, leading to a dynamic mobile SEO audit 2021.

Why is Mobile SEO Important?

To understand why mobile optimization is important, we will be looking at some research data. People spend around 70% of their time using the internet. Portable devices like mobiles make it easier for people to use the internet anytime, anywhere. With Mobile SEO services, you ensure that you provide the best browsing experience to the users. Without an adaptive website, you’re losing on many leads and revenue.

With a responsive web design, you’ll be retaining 74% more of your website visitors. This increases your chances of getting leads, making sales, and generating revenue.  In addition, customers will return back to your website and eventually turn into loyal customers.

It is important that users build a positive image of your business. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to recommending brands. A positive browsing experience will build a good reputation in the user’s mind. There is a 60% chance that users will talk good about your business if you have a mobile-friendly design.

We have kept the most crucial reason at the end. An adaptive design means that google would prioritize your website.

How To Get On The First Page Of Google In 24 Hours


Do you know?

Due to the increase in usage of mobile phones, Google now works on a “mobile-first index.” Isn’t this amazing? You would be the first one to be read by Google’s crawler. On the flip side, a non-responsive design would lower your ranking, lead to a loss of leads and bring less traffic.

Top Mobile SEO Tools 2021

Top Mobile SEO tools 2021

Let’s help you build the best mobile SEO strategy 2021. There are various tools in the market that will assist you to finish off your mobile SEO checklist.


Test your website on Screenfly to see how your website looks on different devices. This is the best way to understand how your website configures those devices.

Feed the Bot

With this tool, you can diagnose your mobile SEO techniques and identify any issues. It will score your strategy based on various elements like user experience and overall performance. Get a detailed report on your mobile SEO audit.

Mobile Emulator

Check how your website looks on different devices with this amazing tool.

Moz Local

With this Mobile SEO technique, users can easily check their listings. They can also create and update their listings with appropriate information.

Google Mobile-friendly Test

Companies like Google understand the importance of mobile SEO. It has developed a test that lets you know about the website’s performance on a mobile device. It will also list issues that can be solved by mobile developers.

Testing tools

You can find various responsive web design testing tools that are specifically designed to help you build and develop a great adaptive design.

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Why is mobile SEO important? To grow your reach and expand your business in today’s advanced world, you need a world-class mobile SEO audit. Top brands work with the best mobile SEO company to create a great mobile SEO strategy 2021. You understand the importance of mobile SEO. Hire an SEO expert so that you can focus on other demanding tasks while an expert handles the SEO part.

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