Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology with untapped boundaries. At present, AI is taking control of most of the devices including your television, mobile phone and smart home systems. Apple has created an in-build AI called Siri to perform certain tasks at the instruction of the owner. Similarly, Alexa has been created by Google as an AI asset. Ask Alexa to offer you with information on vaguely any topic or do something, it will be at your command.

Being a Top Voice Assistant app development company in Canada, we are well acquainted with advanced AI-based app development. Businesses are leveraging voice assistants and AI chatbots to make their work process easier. Here, we are explaining the technical part of how to create a voice assistant app like Siri and Alexa.

AI technology is not limited to offering actions on voice commands. But, it’s a start in exploring the potentials. Shortly, almost every application will have an AI built-in just like Siri and Alexa. This method makes your life way easier. They have also proved useful in times of emergency, say you don’t have the time to unlock your phone, you can directly command Siri or Alexa to dial 911 or send your location to the concerned authority.

Technicalities of Voice Assistant App Development

For app developers and potential brands looking to create an app, the common question that lingers is, ‘How to install a voice assistant feature in the app?’ To help you with this, below listed are a few ways you can try out to include this feature in your application.

  • The first method which you can try is using APIs and such development tools in your app. This will help you to combine all the current voice technologies in the app. You can select leading companies like Siri and Cortana for getting the tools.
  • You can use open-source APIs and services to integrate the voice-assistant feature and get an assistant for your app. Example: Jasper and
  • This may seem difficult but you can create your voice-assistant from the beginning. This means you cannot take APIs from a leading company or any other open-sources. You can develop your APIs with tools like Voice Biometrics, Speech Compression and Noise Control.

Now, every method has its own pros and cons. For the first method, leading companies like Google don’t necessarily offer their secrets or technologies to any third-party company. If you choose for open-source APIs, the results can be average. For the third option, creating everything from scratch can be a tough nutshell to crack.

Understanding Technologies:



Let’s understand how Siri works in detail. If you do not use iOS, it would be impossible for you to use Siri. But, it has been made possible for a few industries to integrate Siri while making their application. These industries include Audio and Video calls, money transfer through Siri, Photo search, messaging and contacts. The special SiriSDK will help you kickstart the integration process.

SiriSDK has two different types of work outlines. The first one can include all the tasks you want the app to perform. The second one offers a customized visual representation when a task is performed.


Now, let’s discuss an open-source API to help you create a voice-assistant feature. If you wish to build a customized app and integrate the feature without any external help, Jasper will be the right tool for you. It runs on Model B to help you create an assistant based on Artificial intelligence, who depends only on itself.

What Should You Do To Build A Voice Assistant?

You can use the latest tools and technologies available to build an app that integrates the voice feature. One should hire Voice Assistant developers to make the best out of it. Below listed are a few technologies for you to try out and identify which one works the best.

Build A Voice Assistant
  • Image Recognition:

It will let you develop a multimodal speech recognition.

  • Noise Control:

Remove any background noise which won’t let you make the right voice recognition.

  • STT:

You can easily change speech signals into digital data/text data.

  • TTS:

This tool will help you convert text and images into human speech.

  • Speech Compression:

It can compress the voice data and then transfer it to the server.

  • Voice Biometrics:

While developing your AI assistant, you can use this tool for identification purposes. It will decide who is the person speaking, recognize it and then decide if the task assigned is necessary.

  • Voice Interface:

With this tool, the person who requests a task to be performed will see or hear according to his/her requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a Voice Assistant?

    As the name implies, the voice assistant works on the voice command and gives relevant information about the inquiry. The best advantage of Voice Assistant is its quick and simple way to respond to customers. The most popular Voice assistants, also known as Virtual Assistant are Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa.

  • 2. What are ChatBots and how do they differ from Voice Assistant?

    Chatbots are smart programs that use a customer assistant. They work as fixed loop coding which means they only answer the most popular questions. Businesses are leveraging Chatbots by using them on websites and other digital products.

  • 3. Which is the best Voice Assistant app development company in Canada?

    Auxano Global Services is a renowned Voice Assistant app development company in Canada. Our dedicated developers work against the clock to meet the expectations. We work with the latest technology and advanced tools to create futuristic products. Contact Us now to decode your idea into a masterpiece reality.

  • 4. Do you provide maintenance and support after app development?

    Auxano Global Services provide round the clock technical and customer support. We support our customers from the beginning of the development process until long after the delivery of the mobile app.

  • 5. Where can I go for more information about the Voice Assistant app development?

    To know more about our Voice Assistant app development services and to hire dedicated Voice Assistant app developers, contact us at or can call us at +1.437.886.3395

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