When it comes to choosing between the two leading voice assistants, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, high chances are there that you’ll find it difficult to conclude. Both the tech giants’ products are equally equipped, and the features are continuously upgrading. Still, there are some narrow verticals where one among the products falls short.

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Talking about the present scenario, each of the devices proves better than the other in some domains. Based on what features you expect from your assistant, you can compare the two to find out which one offers more quality features. Let’s compare the features of Google Home and Alexa in detail.

Features of Google Home & Amazon Alexa:

Features of Google Home & Amazon Alexa


Both Google Home and Alexa have an elite design. The devices offer changeable bases for perfectly blending with the home interiors. The designing of Google Home has been inspired by the wine glasses and scented candles, giving a classic appearance to the product.

However, Amazon Alexa proves to be more loved for its design and colour schemes. The wooden base of Alexa is a favourite among many as it perfectly blends with the wooden interiors and false ceilings. So, Amazon Alexa wins over Google Home in terms of design.

Voice Assistant:

Voice control is the most attractive feature of these assistants. Both Google and Amazon have extensively worked to bring out the best voice controlling in their devices. However, some minor differences prevail.

Coming to triggering the devices, you can initiate Alexa through multiple phrases as Alexa, Amazon, and Echo. On the contrary, Google Home stickles with Hey Google.

Google Home boasts a better web searching ability than Alexa. Also, Google Home supports free-form, whereas Alexa looks for a particular sequence of words. Alexa inclines more on Wikipedia for answering the general questions, while Google Home seems to dig deeper into the web for finding the answers.

Not to forget that Google Home provides better follow up queries than Alexa. One vertical where Alexa beats Google Home is that it answers shopping queries far better than Google’s assistant. So, Google Home proves to be a better voice assistant than Amazon Alexa.

Smart Home:

You can integrate the smart home devices and the voice assistants. So, the assistants can turn the smart devices on and off or change their volume. Google home connects to everything that includes Chromecast but lacks a few larger brands like Carrier and Haiku.

Also, Google Home allows YouTube integration, which is frequently removed and again incorporated in Alexa. Although the competition to become a better smart home device operator is neck-to-neck between the two, Alexa proves better than Google Home in this arena.

Google Home can switch on the devices through scheduling or voice prompt. However, Alexa walks one step ahead in switching the lights on upon listening to the fire alarm or the sound of windows’ glass breaking.

Music and Sound:

Google Home provides a far better audio quality than Alexa. Both the assistants can play music podcasts from some music servers to the Sonos speakers. Google Home also integrates to the Chromecast-associated speakers.

If you seek richer audio quality, the budget approach is to purchase an Echo Dot and connect it to some high-quality speakers. You can buy the grand Google Home Max if you are all set to invest more in the quality of audio. So, Google Home is a clear winner over Alexa in terms of audio quality.

Both assistants support music services like Spotify and Pandora. Alexa integrates with Amazon Music, whereas Google supports Google Play Music and YouTube Red. Also, Google Home lets you upload the personalized music playlists. Still, Alexa has more integrations to music accounts than Google Home.

Nowadays, Alexa even allows you to synchronize your Apple music account with the assistant, providing powerful support with Mac and iOS. Thus, Alexa steals the show of music support over Google Home.

Connectivity, Calling, Skills, and Multi-User Accounts:

Google Home and Alexa connect through Wi-Fi. But Google Home shows the difficulty to connect over Wi-Fi than Alexa. Alexa has a more robust Wi-Fi feature as it remains connected in areas where Google Home disconnects.

Calling is another looked-towards feature in the assistants. While Google Home cannot receive calls, Amazon Echo can receive phone calls from other Echos. You can even connect your home phone through the device via an Echo Connect Box.

Alexa is more skilled than Google in many ways. Alexa has 24,000 third-party skills, while Google masters only 1800 of them. Google can still portray skills as booking a cab or ordering a pizza, whereas Amazon Alexa supports radio stations, sports statistics, and local bus records.

Google seems to win over the battle of multi-user account switching. It can recognize the voices of six persons and can switch to multiple user accounts and choices swiftly. You can switch users through just a voice command. It’s that easy.

Device Ecosystem:

The Amazon ecosystem is more densely populated than Google Home. Amazon has Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Spot, and Echo Show, whereas Google Home Mini and Google Home wrap up the Google ecosystem.

One edge where Amazon cannot compete with Google is that Google Assistant is pre-installed in most of the Android phones. Till now, Amazon’s Alexa has no scope in the domain.


Features of Google Home & Amazon Alexa

Both assistants, the Google Home and Amazon Alexa are equally competent. However, in some domains, one portrays more versatility than the other. Also, both the tech giants are putting their extensive efforts in eradicating all the faults and upgrading their devices.

Although both the devices are superior choices, before deciding to purchase any of the two assistants, you need to clearly define your feature requirements. Then you can compare the particular features in the two devices, and choose the one that performs better in that domain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is a Virtual Assistant?

    Virtual Assistant is a kind programming software used for user’s engagement. Over the years, this technology evolved and now it relies on AI modern technology where Virtual Assistants can give smart answers for users’ questions.

  • 2. What are the popular Virtual Assistants?

    There are many Virtual Assistant available, most popular company created their own Virtual Assistant for their products. Few are Amazon’s Alexa, Echo, Nest Hub, Google Assistant Homes, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

  • 3. Which one is better: Google Home Vs Alexa?

    Google Assistant is much popular for it’s easy and simple process flow. It is used in Google Home, Google Nest Hub, Google Smart Speakers, and other Android Devices. It allows vast vocabulary and robust functionality for users. On the other hand, Amazon’s Alexa is quite fast in terms of response time. It is comparatively quick and vulnerable to Google Assistant. Alexa used in Echo Show, and other Amazon’s smart devices. Both products have their cons and pros, so it’s all up to you.

  • 4. Which is the best Voice Assistant app development company in Canada?

    Auxano Global Services is a renowned Voice Assistant app development company in Canada. Our dedicated developers work against the clock to meet the expectations. We work with the latest technology and advanced tools to create futuristic products. Contact Us now to decode your idea into a masterpiece reality.

  • 5. Do you provide maintenance and support after app development?

    Auxano Global Services provide round the clock technical and customer support. We support our customers from the beginning of the development process until long after the delivery of the mobile app.

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about the Voice Assistant app development?

    To know more about our Voice Assistant app development services and to hire dedicated Voice Assistant app developers, contact us at admin@auxanoglobalservices.com or can call us at +1.437.886.3395

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