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Auxano Global Services Custom mHealth App Development

  • Personalized Health Record Apps
  • Telemedicine Application
  • Wellness Applications
  • Reminder Application
  • Process Management & Medical Insurance App

With our health app development services, you can integrate healthcare services with mobile. Personalized health record app helps you in storing your medical information such as medical reports and medicines suggested by previous doctors so that you can access your medical history anytime you need and can take help from doctors based on your history.

These apps let users save and manage their health-related information, share it with their doctors and access electronic health records (EHRs).

Everything can be done on the go with the help of a mobile application. Reach us for your personalized health application development.

Now you don’t have to visit a doctor for everything; telemedicine apps are here to help patients get consultations without having to visit the doctor’s clinic. For small issues, you can consult a doctor while sitting on your couch through this telemedicine application.

It provides an ease to patients as well as doctors and lets users receive medical care from healthcare specialists through the mobile app. Besides, this app also saves time and money while getting a better experience.

Do you want to give your users this care? Contact us now for your custom telemedicine app development.

Nowadays, everyone is interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and wellness applications help users in the same. In wellness, the app allows users with exercise, nutrition, activity tracking, and recommends a healthy diet.

You can also integrate training programs. And nutrition plans to help users in this app. This app can also be connected with the wearable apps that allow users to store data from various devices such as a smartwatch, smart bands, etc. all in one place.

Do you want to launch your wellness app with all the features? Reach us and discuss your requirements with our mobile app development experts.

Every one of us has a busy schedule and life full of hustle. No wonder we forget taking medicines on time. This is the reason why small diseases and issues take a longer time to cure.

Here the reminder app can play a significant role. With the help of reminder apps, patients can be sure they don’t forget about crucial things like doctor’s appointments, prescribed medications and their timings.

This app will use push notifications when it’s time to remind you of taking medicines with the required dosage. Help your users with this reminder app, for more details, reach us.

We have experienced developers who can build process management apps to streamline all the time taking processes such as scheduling, appointments etc.

Our developers can also help you in creating apps that bring users and their insurance providers to help fetch details of insurance plans, benefits they can avail etc.

Get experienced app developers for your process management or medical insurance app. Contact us for more details.

Development Methodology

Innovative Solutions

We don't just listen to your challenge. We provide you with a suitable solution that can bring results to you.

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Our team consists of skilled professionals who go beyond to provide you with quality and satisfactory applications.

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With our strong determination and relentless working, we deliver timely solutions to our patrons. We don't miss deadlines.

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You will not only get a fully functional app with us, but your app will have the best and appealing design that will impress your audience.

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We follow a unique, proven approach to make sure that we deliver the highest quality based on your requirements.

ROI Focused Solutions

We create solutions for you that can bring you more consumers. We build strategies that make an impact and help in generating notable ROI.

Client's Testimonials

  • We collaborated with Auxano Global Services for our revolutionary idea, which was very complicated & unique. They delivered us a clickable & designed prototype. We are delighted and happy with their hard work and management.

    Dwayne Right and Maureen Tully CEO of Wright Touch
  • I picked Auxano Global Services to create an eCommerce marketplace app. AGS completed our project efficiently & within deadline. I want to thank the entire team involved in the project. I would surely like to work with their team in the future.

    Khaled Huwaishel CEO of Shopzz
  • We are a game agency, & we went to Auxano Global Services regarding a game that was different than other trivia games. This project was quite complex, but they collaborated efficiently & brought value for us.

    Jason Clark CEO of Challvia

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  • 1. What is the future of Healthcare Mobile App Development?

    Approx 318500 apps are already available in the app store for the healthcare industry. Also, the mHealth market is expected to grow $150bn by 2025, huge numbers of fitness app downloads indicate that fitness and healthcare apps are the choices for everyone.  

  • 2. What are the key features of Healthcare App Development?

    Healthcare app development features are dashboard development, UI design, Admin panel, AI enables healthcare solution, and cost-effective solution.  

  • 3. What is the best language to build a Healthcare App?

    Kotlin, Java, Swift, Python, and Ruby are the most popular languages for building healthcare apps. Java is the best language for creating winsome healthcare app development.  

  • 4. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Healthcare App in 2021?

    Healthcare app development cost in 2021 depends on various factors such as development time, number of app developers, technology, design cost, and others. For a rough estimate, it costs around $141,000-$194,000 to build a customized application.

  • 5. How Much Does it Cost to Hire Healthcare App Developers in 2021?

    Hiring a healthcare app developer can cost you around $25 to $100 per hour as per the requirement of your application. It also depends on the region you choose your developer from.

  • 6. Do you provide Custom Healthcare App development services?

    Yes, being a leading healthcare app development company Canada. We offer custom healthcare app development services. Our experienced healthcare developers always follow the client’s requirements, that is why we create customized applications without any hassle.

  • 7. How do I Choose the Best Healthcare App Developer?

    If you want to hire healthcare app developers, find a top healthcare app development company as per your development needs. Auxano Global Services offers a flexible hiring process i.e. full-time, part-time, hourly basis according to your project requirement.

  • 8. How to find the best Healthcare App Development company in 2021?

    You can search for the best healthcare app development company near me but for the best ROI choose Auxano Global Services as a perfect app development partner. Our dedicated healthcare app developers create well-versed, splendid, and futuristic applications to beat your competition at every stage.

  • 9. Why choose Auxano Global Services for Healthcare App Development?

    Auxano Global Services is a renowned healthcare app development company Canada, we offer an agile approach, flexible hiring model, app maintenance, post-delivery support, cost-effective solutions, source-code authorization, and above all build successful healthcare app development.

  • 10. Do you provide maintenance and support after developing a Healthcare App?

    Yes, as an expert healthcare app development company, it’s our commitment to provide seamless maintenance and post-delivery support.

  • 11. Where can I go for more information about healthcare app development?

    Auxano Global Services is a renowned healthcare app development company having an experienced team of app developers. We provide free app consultation services, feel free to ask any query regarding your dream app.

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