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Modernized Online
Learning Platform.

The new-age learning platform is developed for those who want to grow by learning or teaching.

  • Time 8 Months
  • Team 5 Members
  • Platform Web App
  • Industry Education
  • Type Learning

About the Project

  • Project Overview

    This project is making lives better by breaking the barriers through online learning and teaching. Teachme2online connects students worldwide to the best teachers, and it's a global marketplace for teaching and learning.

  • Target Audience

    This platform is targeted at students and everyone who wants to learn. This platform is meant to have international distribution.

Requirements by the Client

  • The client demanded a portal for tutors where they can teach their specific students.

  • These requirements also included the integration of live webinars and podcasts.

  • The client was looking for a franchise model so that he can share this concept with others.


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Key Featurelist

1. Sign Up/Login

Students can signup or login by entering their required details.

2. Categories:

On the click of categories, students can see the list of courses and subjects. Students can select a course/subject from the list.

3. Select Course/Subject

The student has to select the Course/Subject from the list.

4. Course/Subject Details

After selecting the Course/Subject, a student can see the details of that course/subject. Students can also filter courses and subjects.

5. Teaching Screen

Student can pick the webinar/podcast relevant to the subject he/she has selected.

6. My Courses

It will show the paid courses and their details. On clicking the teaching screen, students will reach the podcasts and webinars you paid for.

7. Enrollment Info

Here, students can review the form with the details such as the first name, last name, country, school/college/university, etc.

8. Featured Courses

Students can see the featured courses on 'Home Screen.' On clicking, it will redirect you to the detail page.

9. Featured Teacher

Students can view the “Top Featured teacher” on the “Home Screen.”

10. Student's Feedback

Students can see the other student’s feedback and ratings given to the teachers.

11. Popular Course

Students can see popular topics on the “Home Screen.” On the click of the particular “Popular course,” students will redirect to that specific Course detail page.

1. Sign Up/Login

Teachers can sign up and log in by entering the required details.

2. Home Screen/Dashboard

This dashboard will contain details such as monthly income, total students, total bookings, fees, etc.

3. Subjects

Under Subjects, the teacher will be able to view the list of subjects which he/she is teaching.

4. Fees

In this feature, the teacher can view the list of the fee structure of his/her subjects.

5. Booking

Under this tab, the teacher can see the list of batches along with all the details such as student details, booking details, payment status, etc.

6. Teaching Screen

Interface through which the teacher interacts and provides lessons. The teacher can select the type of teaching methods, such as webinars or podcasts.

7. Transaction

In the transaction, the teacher can see the transaction history of the payment received.

8. Teacher’s Profile

On the click of the Teacher Profile icons, one tab will open, and with the click of the teacher’s name, it will redirect to the teacher’s full detail page.

1. Admin Login

Admin can log in with the required details.

2. Dashboard

The dashboard will contain all the required details such as the number of students, number of teachers, payment graph, monthly income, notification, etc.

3. Manage Teacher/Student

Admin can manage the teacher's and student's information.

4. Manage Course/Subject

Admin can manage courses/subjects, can also add classes and teachers into the featured list.

5. Manage Payment

Admin has the right to see the payments done on the platform.

6. Manage Ratings/Comments

Admin can view the ratings/comments of the teacher provided by students. Admin can also hide the comments if needed.

7. Report Generation

Admin can generate various reports such as revenue reports, category, teacher, featured course, and popular course reports.


1. Protecting Content

The e-learning platform had a lot of content, including audio content for students. Our first priority was to protect it so that the video content couldn’t be stolen if the wrong person got a link to the video.

2. Live Webinar Implementation:

The live webinar feature in this project also contains a live chatting feature, which was complicated to integrate. Apart from this, Teachme2online gives the students a feel of a virtual classroom, which was also a complicated task. Implementing accessibility to those who purchased the webinars was also a critical aspect.

3. Login Authorization:

Implementing security in login authorization was necessary so that no one can access other student's purchased content. Frontend and backend security was also a challenge.

Our Solutions

Our expert developers successfully implemented unique features and incorporated the boldest ideas to create a top-notch product for our client.

Though the development of this vast concept was indeed challenging, our skilled team was able to deal with all the issues.

Nest.js allowed dividing access according to the roles of users. We developed such an access system that only those users who bought these lessons could have access to the videos. Every user - a tutor, a student, or an admin - got his role and according to it - his access levels. Other students couldn’t watch videos when having a link. This is how we solved the challenge of content protection.

Apart from this, we have implemented a Passport OAuth2 Authentication Algorithm to secure the frontend and backend of the product.

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