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How on-demand apps Will Benefit Your Business During Covid-19

On-demand Apps

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone like a bolt out of blue. The virus has clutched 25.3 million people and is spreading by leaps and bounds. Undoubtedly, governments of every infected country and their health care systems are pushing hard to curb the virus. But the uncertainty about how long the virus is going… Read more »

Best Push Notification Ideas to boost User Engagement

Boost User Engagement With Push Notifications

Creating a customized mobile application for your brand will attract customers and build loyalty. The design and interface of the app should be user-friendly and interactive. Adding smart features to the app takes you a step ahead of your competitors. There are several features that can build a brilliant app, but we will mainly talk… Read more »

How to Hire the Right Mobile Development Company in Canada

Hire Mobile Development Company

The technological advancements have pushed businesses to step up their game to a new level. The use of smartphones has increased substantially. People depend on phones for various purposes including shopping, ordering food, booking appointments, buying medicines, meeting a therapist, organising work meetings and much more. If you want to remain the leader in your… Read more »